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Start using QuickBooks like a Pro . . .

I've taught business owners how to use QuickBooks for years, and they've all had one thing in common. None of them were using all the features of the software - in fact, many were using only a fraction of them! Let me show you how leverage QuickBooks to gain real insights about your company.

circle21 Powerful Reasons For You And Your Staff To Attend The QuickBooks For Profits Master Class this Fall

This IS NOT some boring class on how to punch entries in QuickBooks. It’s a powerful, no-holds-barred three-hour workshop designed to help business owners & key managers leverage QuickBooks quickly & easily with one goal in mind – more PROFITS. You’ve got BIG power at your fingertips with QuickBooks – TAP INTO IT!  Sign up now and get the optional BONUS HOUR of customized training with John!

Here's what you get:

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1pm to 4pm


 September 17 in Burlington


September 24 in Braintree

  1. You will leave with a complete, step-by-step plan to get your QuickBooks file into tip-top shape immediately so you can make this your best, kick-butt year ever!
  2. You will discover how to streamline data entry with lightning speed
  3. You’ll learn “tricks” used by John's private clients to pinpoint problem areas FAST
  4. You will uncover how QuickBooks drives marketing, management and tough-minded decisions
  5. You’ll learn how to check if your price is right, and whether you’re leaving $$$ on the table
  6. We’ll reveal where the marketing “GOLD” is hidden in your QuickBooks data, and how to access it
  7. You’ll see how QuickBooks can show you who your GOOD customers are (and the not-so-good ones!)
  8. The KEY report that tells you exactly how your business is doing, and how to read it easily in seconds
  9. How to use QuickBooks to decide whether to invest in equipment, training or any other expenditure
  10. How to track where your customers are coming from so you know where (and where NOT) to advertise
  11. The TRUTH about “apps” – when they can help your business – and when they will HURT it
  12. How to decide which version of QuickBooks is right for you and your business
  13. red starJohn’s secret formula to generate new business using your QuickBooks datastar
  14. Why QuickBooks is at the heart of your business and how to make it work hard for you
  15. Network with other QuickBooks users and learn how they’ve leveraged it in their own businesses
  16. How to track sales tax, employee garnishments and other crazy liabilities quickly and easily
  17. Set up job-costing, and USE it to reveal where you’re winning big & where you’re losing your shirt
  18. The critical difference between accounting for management vs. taxes, and why you need to know
  19. How to use bank feeds to kill HOURS of data entry, and what NOT to do when using them
  20. Choosing “add-on” services from Intuit: the good, the bad and which ones are a waste of time
  21. A chance to have John personally answer your burning questions about QuickBooks

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If you are serious about putting more money in your pocket using software you already own, you owe it to yourself come to this intensive workshop and see first hand how easy it can be!

100% No Hassle Guarantee

Your QuickBooks training experience is backed by John's ZERO-RISK, No-HASSLE Guarantee! If you don't think our QuickBooks For Profits Master Class is worth much more than what you paid, we'll refund every penny!

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