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About John

I'm so glad you stopped by!

Small business is my passion, and if you're self-employed (or ever WANTED to be), this is the place for you. That's because I specialize in helping small business owners super-charge their businesses without spending a ton of money in the process.

My Beginnings

From a young age, I was surrounded by Entrepreneurs. My parents ran small businesses as far back as I can remember, and my six brothers and sisters and I were always involved. I began my first home-based business at the age of 18, selling products to family, friends and anyone else who would listen. Some time later while serving in the Army, I sold financial services to soldiers and their families and began working on public speaking so I could conduct seminars. After four years in the Army as a Korean Translator (if you can learn Korean, you can do anything) I started a contracting business in my hometown.

My Learning Years

In those early years as a contractor I threw myself into the business, devouring information about personal development, marketing, sales, costing, pricing, management, and anything else that could help me run my business more profitably.

As my knowledge grew, I began networking with other contractors in our local trade association. This networking eventually turned me into a business coach, as I helped colleagues implement the strategies I had mastered. Over the years, I have conducted business and leadership workshops all over the country, written a book and produced several industry-specific business and education manuals.

Our Committment

Now I help small business owners grow and new business owners get started. My approach to Coaching is "real-world" based on what works day to day, and not based on Business School theories. Seeing YOU succeed is what drives me, and I don't pull any punches. If you're tired of struggling and ready to succeed, I'll stand with you every step of the way. Think you're ready?   Click Here to find out . . .

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